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Does vitamin c help cataracts?

How can vitamin c work on eyes? Will it help people with cataracts?
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  • vincent


    Yes, it helps people with cataracts. Actually vitamin c is good for a lot of things, as well as eyes. For example, daily intake of vitamin C can help reduce dry eyes. You can eat some food like carrots. What's more, vitamin A is very helpful for good sight and strength. Have a try and you will see the result!
  • tuener


    Cataracts are caused by accumulated protein on the lens of the eye and clouding vision is the main symptom of cataracts. In spite of the fact that cataracts can be removed and cured by surgical operation, they can also be prevented and treated by the consumption of Vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C may help to protect the body's cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The Office of Dietary Supplements notes that oxidative stress might contribute to the development of cataracts, and therefore vitamin C might play a role in the treatment of cataracts. But mind you that Vitamin C can have some side effects if not consumed properly. So you have to follow the guidance of the eye doctor to take Vitamin C.
  • croatiadiary


    The vitamin C is also called the L - Ascorbic Acid which is a kind of water-soluble vitamins. The food Vitamin C is the human body on the small section absorption. Once absorbed, it will give the distribution to the body. All the water has soluble structure. Most of the Vitamin C in the body metabolism of the decomposed into oxalic Acid and sulfuric Acid or with generation Ascorbic Acid - 2 - sulfuric Acid by urine. The other part can be directly changed by urine in vitro. The vitamin C will be so beneficial for the whole body which will make the eyes keep moisture. The vitamin C helps consolidate cell tissue which is helpful to the synthesis of collagen. It may strong bones and teeth which still can prevent bleeding gums, long-term use of the teeth and so on. If you get the cataracts, the food with vitamin C will moisture your eyes and improve your whole immune system. It is really a necessary one for people with cataracts.