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Can sea buckthorn oil work for dry eye?

Is it treat that sea buckthorn oil can help people with dry eyes? If so, how can i use sea buckthorn oil to treat my eyes?
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  • Sara


    Sea buckthorn oil can help ease the symptoms of dry eyes, like burning eyes, itchy eyes, redness and so on. Expert explained that sea buckthorn oil is rich in Omega-7, this remarkable nutrient is very helpful at improving lubrication through the body, including eyes. Daily use of sea buckthorn oil can improve the discomfort of dry eyes.
  • Jackson raphael


    Yes. Sea buckthorn oil can help people with dry eyes. sea buckthorn contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that can help release the symptoms of dry eyes including burning, itching, stingy, pain and redness. Now, it has been proved that sea buckthorn can stimulate eyes natural lubrication response, thus to help people release from dry eyes. Anyway, personally, you'd better consult your eye doctor to decided the treatment for your dry eyes.
  • Ethan walker


    Yes, you could use the sea buckthorn oil to treat your dry eyes. The lecithin can promote the lipid transport and clear and accelerate the blood levels of triglycerides metabolic control the formation of atherosclerosis because of seabuckthorn. It contains a large number of amino acid organic acid and so on many kinds of nutrients, which can promote gastric acid biosynthesis, stimulate gastric secretion. The seabuckthorn has changed lag the spleen nourishing the stomach soothing the liver qi role for indigestion abdominal distension painful gastritis gastric and duodenal ulcer enteritis. The chronic constipation are very good role seabuckthorn contains malic acid oxalic acid and organic acid with ease antibiotics and other drugs toxic effect. It can protect liver. You could just adopt the sea buckthorn oil around your eyes to make them moisture.
  • Hae


    All right, looks like your eyes are pretty dry and uncomfortable due to some particular reasons. So, generally speaking, dry eyes is not serious but you'll have to take it seriously, for dry eyes could also cause some other problems such as watery eyes, painful eyes. Actually, buckthorn oil could indeed relieve your dry eyes , but you should not drop it into your eyes directly. Here I would like to recommend something like vitamin B and E to you, or some vegetables. Eye drops are also helpful.