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Is it normal for a newborn to have puffy eyes?

I noticed that a newborn baby have puffy eyes. It so strange to me, She sleep so much, Why she got puffy eyes. Is this normal?
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  • Eric Zago


    Yes, it is normal! You know the newborn baby is come from his mother's womb, where is full of amniotic fluid, so he is full of humidity in the little body. These kind of puffy eyes are not caused by the lack of sleep but the natural physical states. The body condition of new born baby is totally different from the grown men. After some days, this symptom will disappear, so please do not worry about it.
  • ebbainthesky


    It is normal for a newborn baby to have puffy eyes, and it will disappear after a month. If not, you should notice the urination of the baby. If he drink a lot of water before sleep and don't pee at night, he may have puffy eyes in the morning, and this is normal and you should feed him with insipid food. Besides, if the baby's pillow is too low, it also leads to puffy eyes. Finally, you can go to see a doctor to see whether it is because of kidney disease or not
  • evet


    Yes. Puffy eyes in babies is very common. And in many cases, the puffy eyes on baby will go itself. This is because the pressure caused by labor and delivery that make the baby may appear red and blood-spotted on the eyes. And the puffy eyes usually will go within 3 days. And the red blood spots might go about three weeks latter. So, it is normal you say a newborn baby has puffy eyes.
  • Thomas oliver


    It is normal that newborn baby get puffy eyes. During the birth of baby, the labor and delivery will put much pressure on baby's face that causes some swelling. Some babies even have bloody spots because the pressure can break the blood vessels in the eyes. Don't worry, the puffy eyes will go away in a few days. But the bloody spots may last for weeks Newborn baby need time to adjust to the open air, especially their eyes. You can see the changing of their eyes. Here is a website which you can get more info: Wish you baby healthy!
  • Jeff Fantl


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