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Diversity and addition

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equal rights, Diversity and InclusionWe're passionate in our belief that everyone has the right to receive the same level of care, regardless of who they are or where they live. CNWL provides services which are inclusive of LGBT+/LGBTQ, incapable, Black Asian Minority Ethnic communities and all service users with protected factors. We value patient feedback and we strive to tailor our services to meet our patients needs according to equality legislation and our Trust values. similarly, Our employed pool, Which reflects the diverse people of our communities, Will have equal businesses for development.

We're fortunate to work within the largest and most culturally diverse cities in the world. Our catchment area london spans diverse communities, you will discover over _a href= to tell if a chinese girl likes you_/a_ 150 first languages spoken, Containing great areas of affluence as well as areas with much deprivation. the following are some examples of the diversity of the population that we serve:

Brent, The most ethnically diverse borough london.

Harrow, The most conscientiously diverse borough in London, And home to number one Afghani community in the UK.

Migrant populations entering the UK through major gateways on our patch: heathrow airport (Hillingdon), e Pancras (Camden) and as well,as well as the Victoria (Westminster).

Milton Keynes has one of abdominal fat growing populations outside London. it has a younger age profile than England (21% of the people is under 15), And a somewhat small older population. There is a broad group spectrum with a number of minority groups, None of which are a whole lot larger than the others.

Westminster, which include the centre of the UK Chinese community in Soho.

a huge Traveller community in Hillingdon.

Students from across the country attending London universities: 11% of Camden's inhabitants are made up of students.

lots of, more developed Arabic speaking population of various origins in Kensington and Chelsea. This borough also has the most marked health inequalities than anywhere else in the UK when comparing endurance of the richest and the poorest.

a huge Lesbian, lgbt, Bisexual and Transgender culture that gravitates to central London from across the UK.

A high number of foreign nationals within the prison communities that we serve.

for american, Equality is fairness, Yet it is also more than that. it is about encouraging, Enabling and helping people, if they are our staff, Or supplier users and their carers, In ways that are sensitive and tuned in to their unique and individual needs and personalities. As a believe that, We desire to make positive and constructive use of diversity. We want to encourage multi cultural teamwork in which staff can feel comfortable in drawing on their personal and cultural heritages to inform good and sensitive practice. This has to then enrich our delivery of health-related and the management of, And collaboration between, Our worker.
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