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Does baby oil help eyelashes grow?

Can i use baby oil to help my eyelashes grow? Does it really work?
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  • Mort


    Yes, you could use the baby oil to help your eyelashes grow because of the inner thorn growth element. A lot of girls try this way and make their eyelashes become more and tight. You could also adopt the vitamin E to keep your eyelashes grow. The effect is also so obvious. You could have a try. The long eyelashes will make you look beautiful.
  • Caspar


    In fact, baby oil has a good effects on skin because it contains high useful substances which do not harmful to our skin. Baby oil can help with protecting skin and increase blood circling. Several steps help you get long and curl eyelashes. First, wash up your hands to avoid virtus entering your eyes. Second, put some baby oil on fingers. And then massage them gently in 5 minutes. Plus, you also can apply the extra baby oil on skin under eyes to remove puffy eyes. Only you insist on doing so everyday can help the growth of eyelashes.
  • abbyabbie


    As for the baby oil, if it is made of vegetable of natural plant's oil, it may be good for the growth of eyelashes. However, if the baby oil is made of mineral oil, it would only moisturize or solute the oily dirt, but no help with the eyelashes grow. I think if it really works with the plant oil, the effect may get by the use of long term. Why you use vitamin glue ball, it contains some fiber composition and would easily attach to the eyelashes available for the nutrients of eyelash growth. The principle of eyelash growth is the same with hair. The vitamin A, D, E is the necessary supplement for the eyelash growth. The vegetable oil contains such kinds of nutrients, so it would help with the eyelash growth. You would use vitamin directly to apply on your eyelashes and insist for some periods, it would make the eyelash strong and dense than before, more than one week's insistent will appear the effect to you.
  • everetthol


    Actually, the growth rate, length and thickness of your lashes is dictated by genetics, illness and nutrition. No over the counter oil will change that scientific fact. Applying Vaseline or castor oil can clog tear ducts or the follicles of lash hairs, causing a nasty bacterial infection. The effect those people are experiencing is just conditioning, similar to using leave-in conditioner on your hair. The only topical product that DOES grow lashed thicker and stronger is Latisse and the glaucoma drug that contains the same active ingredient as latisse. It is prescription, expensive, and can cause brown discoloration on your eyelids, and even can cause blue eyes to discolor brown.
  • Julie Galactique


    When I noticed that baby oil makes my eyelashes look better, I started to wonder about similar remedies and effects. At the end, I discovered Cherish Lash serum and it gave me such long and fabulous eyelashes :) I love nowadays, so many new options are available... :)