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Is grape seed extract good for eyes?

Can grape seed extract good for eyes? How can it work on eyes?
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  • walker


    Yes, grape seed extract is good for eyes. As we know that grape seed extract contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPCs vitamin E, flavonoids and linolenic acid that is good for eyes. And the OPCs in grape seed extract is good for anti-inflammatory and stop the disease progression. besides, i also read online that The University of Maryland's Medical Center points out that grape seed extract can be helpful with improving night vision.
  • walkingalone123


    Grapes have been used in the medical field for thousands of years. And drinking wine has long been known as a way to promote heart health. Grape seed extract is helpful to your vision and general eye health. The active ingredient in grape seeds is oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPCs. OPCs contain antioxidants and antihistamine properties. That's the truth that grape seed extract is good for eyes. Grape seed extract contains high vitamin E which is good for preventing wrinkles and helping with recovering cells' recreating ability. Vitamin E is the most popular vitamins with women. Not only for keeping eye health, but also adding in cosmetics to keep youth and balance. To sum up, grape seed extract can make people benefit from them. Also, you can eat them directly. They are delicious.
  • jill


    The grape seed extract is full of protein, crude fat, all kinds of amino acid, vitamin and various kinds of minerals. Among them, the OPC (oligemeric proantho cyanidins) is a antioxidant, which would remove the harmful free radical to protect the cells tissue to get the immunity of organism. So I guess it is good for the eyes' nourishing, because it full of the nutrients that good for the construction of eyes, such as vitamin and protein. However, it may get into the food or apply to the skin of your face, but please do not use it to directly get into your eyes, as the eyes is subtle and will expel all the foreign bodies. It only would to act as an supplement nutrients for your eyes.