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Jacqueline hall


Does tomato help with puffy eyes?

I heard that tomato can help puffy eyes, really? How can i use it?
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  • Wendy


    Yes. Tomato can help reduce puffy eyes because it contains carotene. It is really effective to reduce puffy eyes caused by strain and tired eyes. You can just drinking a cup of tomato juice every morning. Besides, potatoes, eggplants and peppers can also help you reduce puffy eyes. Anyway, get enough sleep everyday is really necessary to help you treat puffy eyes. Hope this can help you.
  • Kyle owen


    There is no doubt that tomatoes have a great effect on removing puffy eyes. puffy eyes are swellings under eyes which are very noticeable when wake up in the morning. It's also the nightmare for many people, especially young girls. That's for puffy eyes are so difficult to remove. Here some healthy ways to help you clean them up. Tomatoes can not be ignored. Tomatoes contains a large amount of vitamin C which is good to reduce swelling and keep skin soften. The best and right way to use tomatoes is to ground them into juice, and then put two cotton bags into tomatoes juice. Three munites later, put the two bags on your puffiness for 15-20 minutes. Also, you can eat raw tomatoes directly which can help with internal skin development. By the way, apply raw potatoes also have a great effect on lightly puffy eyes. Oranges offer vitamin A, which is fond of skin and eyes.
  • Olavi


    The swollen or puffy eyes will be caused by allergy, or lack of sleep, or eyes fatigue by by excessive eyes use, or to much wine drinking or even trauma around the eyes skin. These above actions will cause the congestion of blood circulation. Some supplement or fruits or vegetables are full of Vitamin A & B, and carotene. They are the necessary nutrients which would protect your eyes everyday. The tomato is a kind of typical vegetable that contain so much of the above nutrients. Meanwhile, eyes massage will bring more comfort to your eyes. It will improve the circulation and metabolism of your eyes. The puffy eyes will be recovered soon with this method. As for the method of using to the tomato, the best way is to eat it everyday. Some beauty women say, it would apply to use as one of the raw material of facial mask.

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