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How to make saline solution for eye wash?

Can you teach me a good way to make saline solution for eye wash? Thanks.
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  • b2jb


    Well, I can see that you care a lot about your eye health. Because the action of trying to wash your eyes with saline solution on a regular basis is beneficial to your eyes. Anyway, my advice for you here is to make the saline solution 98% water and 2 percent salt, which could help you wash your eyes and relieve uncomfortable feelings. Just pay more attention to your eyes and keep a healthy diet if possible.
  • Steve


    In order to make the saline solution, all you need are salt and distilled water. You could use the one teaspoon of salt to add with a cup of distilled water to make the saline solution. You could use it to wash your eyes to relieve the irritating eyes which could make you feel comfortable. You could have a try.