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How soon can i fly after a corneal transplant?

I just took a corneal transplant. Can you tell me how long should i wait for fly?
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  • emale2222


    Well, generally speaking, according to the doctor, you should not fly in the first week after you have taken the corneal transparent. You should know that if you take airplane after surgery, it will make your situation become worse. When you are taking the plane, because there will be gravity, you will make your eyes suffer some dangerous problems, such as the eye strains, and then hurt your eyes. Since your eyes are so sensitive and fragile after the surgery, you should avoid this risk. Also, do not do some heavy exercises which can be harm to the recovery of your eyes. Besides, you can wear a protective shield to avoid eye injuries.
  • steven


    It only needs several days for restoring vision after the surgery. But the complete recovery needs a long period of time, which is about one year. The doctor may tell you that you can go back to work immediately, but I suggest you do not do that because fly requires using eyes frequently which is bad for your eye completely heal.
  • elizabethandzoe


    Well, it seems that your corneal transplant surgery is quite successful, congratulations. Anyway, I quite understand your urgency to take a plane. But you should know that within 2 months, you are not allowed to take a plane because your health conditions are not stable. But after a period of time, you can fly, about 3 months later, after consulting a doctor and see if you are ok.