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Mya baker


Does wearing glasses cause wrinkles?

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  • Carlos rodney


    Hi, i never heard that wearing glasses could cause wrinkles. However, wearing eyeglasses for a long time will cause dark circles under the eyes. Maybe this is the reason why many people prefer to choose contact lenses. And wrinkles shall be caused by aging or hydropenia of your skin. So, you shall suggest your mom to moisturize her skin with some skin care products. Hope this can help her.
  • Richard


    I have worn eyeglasses for about 8 years. But i didn't get any wrinkles from eyeglasses wearing. But i noticed that i got a slight dark circles under the eyes. If your mom is afraid of dark circles under eyes, you can buy some contact lenses for her to get vision aids. But you should know that wearing contact lenses is boring because you have to take on and off them everyday.
  • Zoe Wang


    No, wearing glasses will not cause wrinkles. Oppositely, Because of the decade of constant squinting, I now have crow's feet as well as forehead wrinkles. I would give anything to turn back the clock and cough up the money from the beginning.If you don't wear sunglasses for whatever reason, you're encouraging wrinkles! Look in the mirror and squint like the sun is in your eyes. See the lines that form? After so long they will become permanent lines.
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