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Can rubbing my eyes cause wrinkles later?

I hear my older sisters say rubbing eyes too much will lead to wrinkles later? IS that true? Will rubbing eyes really contribute to wrinkles later? Why?
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  • walkersrarest


    Softy touch will not lead to wrinkles around your eyes, but strongly rubbing will lead to that. That is because the muscle and blood vessel around the eyes are subtle and exquisite; it can not stand for such outside power, it will easy to distort. How to prevent wrinkle and keep your eyes beautiful, let me tell you something. Please keep joyful mood and get rid of sorrow and upset, because the frown and weep will lead the happen of cows feet. Wink and make face often will not be good habits for somebody to keep eyes beauty. Softy massage with eyes cream nourishing will increase eyes blood circulation and metabolism, delay the skin aging.
  • Jacqueline warren


    That is not true. But skin will be influenced by the pulls of other organs like smiles and frowns. With time, the wrinkles gradually float on the water. In fact, we know, the skin around eye is one of the most sensitive parts in human's body. Tiredness, nervousness and age do contribution to it. Eye works about 10 thousand times per day. So people may easily have wrinkles when she/he gets into middle ages. For this case, you are suggested that do eye exercises and use eye-care cosmetics.
  • gwynnie


    yes, it could be one factor that cause eye wrinkles. Wrinkles are more caused by heredity than manipulation. For example, if your mom has wrinkles around her eyes, you would have wrinkles around your eyes as well. All skin is made up of connective fibers. Constant or repeated pressure, as from rubbing, will distort the line of your skin and the connective fibers won't lay flat any longer. The skin around your eyes is some of the thinnest skin on your body. There are few muscles or fatty tissues behind the surface skin of your eyes. Thus it is easier stretched and wrinkles show up more prominently. By not rubbing your eyes, you lessen the stretching and delay the wrinkling.

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