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Can i wear contacts when giving birth?

I am nearsighted. Andi always wear it. Now, i am pregnant and going to give birth to my baby. Can i wear contacts when giving birth? Will i be safe?
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  • b3aut1fulfr3ak7


    You would better not to wear contacts when you give birth to your baby, even wear it when you pregnant. Women are not suitable to wearing contacts during the pregnancy periods. The secretion function within your body will be changed at that time; the barrier function of corneal tissue will decrease to lead the tear hyposecretion. It's easy to reduce the comfort of contacts wear of dry eyes. The delivery process will lead your eye congestion when you put forth of your strength, but the contacts will decrease the oxygen penetrating. Why you insist wearing contacts when you give birth to baby?
  • Nadine


    It is really a strange question. Why do you wear contact lenses when you giving birth? I don't think it is a good idea. You know it is a painful experience to give birth a baby, And the sweat may get into your eyes thus to damages your contact lenses and further hurt your eyes. Besides, you may also torn your contact lenses when you try to give birth the baby if you don't take surgery. So, it is not safe to wear contact lenses when giving birth.

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