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Can i wear contacts after refractive surgery?

I took refractive surgery half a year ago. Can i wear contact lenses now? Or it will damages my eyes?
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  • eiri_des


    If the thickness of your cornea and the excretion of tears are normal now, then you can wear contact lenses now. You need to select the contact lenses according to the corneal tears and thickness, which will influence the normal physiology of your eyes after the contact lenses are in them. For example, you had better choose the contact lenses with high moisture if your eyes excrete insufficient tears. Otherwise, your eyes are likely to be dry, resulting in the increasing corneal thickness and the corneal hydroncus. Another factor you need to consider is the corneal diameter and radical arc, which will influence the central location and rotation degree of the contact lenses in your eyes. After wearing contact lenses, you should keep the solution sanitary, and avoid wearing lenses for a long time in case the cornea is infected.
  • Zachary


    Well, of course, you can wear contact lenses now, and it can be fine, so you do not need to worry about it. Generally speaking, you are not supposed to wear contact lenses in the first two week after the eye surgery, or it will just be harmful to your eyes. And also, in that way, your eyes can be infected easily and then slow down the recovery speed. But now, if your eyes recover well, I think it can be safe to wear contact lenses. While, you still need to pay more attention to your eyes, for contact lenses are kind of irritants too.
  • Melanie


    It should be OK for you to wear contact lenses now, but you'd better go to your doctor for examination and prescription. There are various kinds of refractive surgery nowadays, and each of them has different skill merits and recovery time. Of the common refractive surgery, it should be PRK surgery requiring the longest recovery time. Because in PRK surgery, surgeon would remove the whole outer layer of cornea, the epithelial layer, it requires a long time to grow back. Although the completely recovery needs for about 6months averagely, doctor would prescribe contact lenses for people 3months after the PRK surgery. According to it, I think it is OK to get contact lenses now for you. In most cases, refractive surgery can't be so precise to get sharpness of vision, so many patients would use contact lenses or eyeglasses for help. It is very common. Get prescription from your doctor and follow exactly the instructions. Hygiene is very important on protecting eyes and wearing contact lenses. Good luck to you.

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