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Danai P.


Can eyelash extensions damage my eyes ?

Is it true that too much extensions can damage my eyes. Why or why not?
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  • debby truax


    It is indeed true. Too much extentions will damage your eyes. The skin align eyes, our eye balls tissues and our eyelases are all very delicate and subtle. They are easy to get irritated and allergic. There are many materials for eyelases extensions for you to choose, plastic, human hair, silk or mink, it always irritate our eyes. It needs some kind of adhensive subtance to stick the extension onto your eyelashes. This kind of adhensive subtance is chemical material which could be an irritant too. Some people develops red and bloodshots in the white of eyes, and has a strong foreign body sensation. It could also cause eyelashes fallen out. Anyway, it is not very good for eyes. If you still want to do it, choose the light material. The lighter, the better, the less damages to eyes.
  • Jessica


    Yes, it is true that too much eye extensions will damage your eyes because of the irritating stimulation. You should not use the eyelash extensions too much. Or else, your eyes may get swelling and appear the eye problems because of the infection on the eyes. You'd better not use the extensions too much.
  • Brandon


    Absolutely yes, it has potential risk for damaging your eyes. When you wear eyelash extensions for a prolonged period, you would damage your natural eyelashes firstly. And it could cause permanent hair loss with weaker hair follicles. On the other side, it is easy to cause eye injury because the glue and tweezers of eyelash extension are close to your eyes. At the same time, it is dangerous for wearing fake eyelashes due to the virus and bacteria can get on the lashes, and enter your eyes to lead to serious eye problems, such as pink eye. It also can permanently damage your eyes to result in blindness finally.

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