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What precautions are necessary after cataract surgery?

I just took a cataract surgery. Can you tell me what precautions are necessary after the surgery that can help me?
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  • crazyasswhatnow


    Well, after the surgery, there are many things you should pay more attention to. For example, when you wash your face and eyes, you should be careful about your eyes. Generally speaking, you should not let the water into your eyes, or it can be harm to your eyes and in some cases, it can lead to eye infection. Also, for after the surgery, your eyes will become sensitive and fragile. You should be careful about the infection and even the injury in your eyes. For example, you can just wear the patch to protect your eyes. Besides, you should not watch TV or computer in the first week, and also should be careful when you have shower. Also, you should not allow situations in which you are vulnerable to being hit in the face or the eye. Anyway, just follow the things the doctor has told you.
  • walkdawalk23


    The cataract surgery is not a big deal,but there are still a few tips you are supposed to pay attention to. You shall limit your time to watch TV, computer screen, as well as your cell phone,whose radiation is harmful to your frail retina. Besides, avoid bending over, and swimming in the first few days after cataract surgery are necessary too. What's more, you are not recommended to enjoy strenuous exercises for the sake of your eyes. Finally, you shall also keep away from kitchen and avoid spicy food,which might trigger a relapse. After one or two weeks at least, you can come back an normal life.
  • Charley


    After you get the cataract surgery, there are many things you should take care of. You should not drink or smoke which will stimulate your eye nerves and cause the side effects on the eyes. You should better eat the light food, with no spicy food. In addition, you should not use the eyes for too much time. You need to have a good rest for the eyes to get recovery at the vision. At the first days after the cataract surgery, you need to close your eyes which will to some degree make you get the recovery. Then you should not use the computer or watch tv for a long time which will make your vision develop at bad situation.

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