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Jordan smith


What are side effects of wearing glasses for the first time ?

Is it bad for wearing glasses? What are their side effects when people wear glasses at first time?
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  • scott burnham


    Wearing glasses for the first time is something you probably will remember for the rest of your life. I can only speak for someone who is nearsighted w/astigmatism but the first time you put on your glasses everything instantly comes into focus and feels like your now seeing in high definition: everything is sharp and in focus and you will be amazed at how much better you can see. You may also get headaches for the first couple days, but this is normal and will diminish as you get used to wearing glasses. Most first time wearers will also be self conscious being seen wearing glasses at first, but this is normal and goes away as you become more accustomed to wearing your glasses and you will soon realize that nobody cares that you wear glasses. Another thing that might bother you is that you will more than likely see the frame of the glasses and it will feel as though you are looking thru little windows, however, if you wear them all the time it will all of a sudden disappear and you will no longer see the frame and you won't even feel like your looking thru glasses any more and to me this was when I knew I was used to wearing glasses. Yes, wearing glasses have some side effects as you get used to them, but once you are used to wearing them you won't even realize you have them on.
  • John Rodriguez


    Well, it is normal to have some uncomfortable feelings when you wear the glasses in the first time. For example, you are not accustomed to the glasses, and then it makes your eyes have eye strain. And when you have some eye strain, it will lead to some long term effects, if the situation is serious. For example, it can put stress on the eye muscles and the facial and scalp muscles, causing pain and headache. And what is worse, it can lead to making your vision become worse. Of course, if it is a long time, eye strains can make your eyes become dry. For your situation, you can just do some eye exercises to strengthen these muscles. And also you can drop some eye drops on your eyes. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Zoe Wang


    Oh, it is quite normal for the first time wearer. However, it will go itself when you get used to wear it.At first,u may feel a little bit comfortable cuz new glasses always bring people some diziness,eye pain and sometimes even a headache.U should know that when u wear ur new glasses,it will be very likely that u may get eye strain.Just calm down,u will be fine.
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  • Austin gerard


    Anyway, the first day with them, I felt terrible. Completely disoriented, slight nausea, stepping up and down onto stairs or anything was impossible without either tripping or clunking down further than I expected. It was awful. The next day, a little better. The next day, a little better. I'd say it took 3-4 days to feel normal. But now I do.Though it still surprises me to look out a window and see other buildings clear and sharp, things far away are supposed to be blurry. I'd say if it's still bad after a few days, go back to the doc.
  • walkerstalker2


    It is not bad for wearing glasses. If you are short sighted, you need to wear the glasses to help you get the right vision. However, if you wear the glasses for the first time, you may find that you may feel strange in front of the mirror. However, it will be ok after the adaptation. Then you will find that you may get the nose print. You could not let the glasses be so tight for you at the frame which you could adjust it by yourself.
  • Rebecca


    For people who first wearing glasses, they may feel discomfort even if the eyeglasses make the see better and more clear. Besides, people who first wearing glasses are not suggested to wear the eyeglasses for a long time continuously. In addition, some people may experience eye strain, dry eyes and pain in the eyes after long time wearing eyeglasses. So, if you plan to wear your first pair of eyeglasses, you shall know that your eyes need sometime to adapt your eyeglasses lenses.
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  • Caroline hill


    The prescription glasses are used for correcting common eye problems, like myopia, hyperopia. Hence, it is normal to have headache for wearing glasses in the first time in the first few days. At the same time, it is normal for things to be blurry or out of shape for the beginning of wearing glasses. And it takes a few days for adapting the change of images in front of your vision.
  • Kelle


    Headaches can be normal for the first week or so, but once again, if they persist for over 2 weeks, call your eye doctor, in my experience, everything is normal. I got glasses about 5 years. You will get used it in a few months.

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