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Caleb murphy


How to clean 3d glasses ?

I have bought a pair of 3D glasses. But it seems dirty. How can i clean it? Is it the same way as i clean other eyeglasses?
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  • Benson Dubois


    Well, generally speaking, to clean the 3d glasses, you can use a good quality linen or cotton cloth which will work wonders. Then, you can also use some resolution to clean it one more time. By the way, you should know that different 3D displays achieve this in different ways. Generally speaking, when you have worn a pair of 3d glasses while watching 3d movie, it will make you feel that you are just in the real phenomenon. This feeling just attracts many people. So you can have them when have movie. So just keep the 3d glasses clean, so that you can have a good view.
  • cocreative


    It seems that you could adopt the same way to clean eyeglasses. Use some soft and fine tissue to wipe the lens in the same direction. Because 3D glasses need battery to supply power, so you can't throw them into water to wash like other normal glasses. You could find some special thimerosal to clean the 3D glasses. Actually now it is a blank on how to clean 3D glasses. Without instruction, we need to be careful as well as creative. Hope this works.
  • walkn0nsunshine


    There is the special made cleaning agent for you to clean the pair of 3d glasses. If you don't have, you could just choose the simple way to clean the 3d glasses. You could just find a clean cloth and some alcohol to help you get rid of the bacterium on the 3d glasses. The way is so easy. What you do is just clean off the bacterium on the lenses of the 3d glasses.