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Can a stroke cause a lazy eye?

I heard that a stroke can cause a series of eye problems. Do you know what exactly are those problems? Do they include a lazy eye?
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  • edward


    Stroke is a kind of disease that cause arterial and blood problems. It is always accompanied with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia , diabetes and obesity. The strife of your blood and vigor will cause some mess everywhere includes your eyes. Firstly, the most common symptom is the contemporary dizzy eyes, during which you may not see anything, which is called amaurosis. This is induced by the lack of blood of brain and retina. Second, more serious, we call it hemianopsia. Internal capsule is a critical part of our eyes to reflect the offside views, which once damaged can cause the unilateral blind. However, lazy eyes are caused by the incomplete vision growth in one's infant term. That's to say, it's a kind of degeneration of vision function. Pathogenesis can be: Strabismus amblyopia Ametropia amblyopia Anisometropia pathogenesis Form deprivation amblyopia Congenital amblyopia
  • Jordan smith


    Yes, stroke may cause a lot of eye problems, like swollen eyes, dry eyes and so on. As the nerves in the whole body are interlinked, the stroke may let the eyes get stimulated. People with the lazy eye are always born to be. They will have little possibility to get from the stroke. However you should still avoid its happening. You need to pay attention on the diet and rest to protect the eyes.


    Yes, a stroke may cause a lazy eye. After a person has been struck by a stroke, it is likely that one side of his body including the arm, leg, trunk and the face will be paralyzed. That's what is called hemiplegia. When a person suffers from hemiplegia, one side of his body is obviously weaker than the other side. As a result, the eye on this side become a lazy one.