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What are good eye supplements for glaucoma?

Is glaucoma a kind of serious disease? What can I do to improve my situation? Or can somebody recommend me some good eye supplements? Thanks!!!
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  • Lynn Sherrill


    Let me analysis the disease for you first. Glaucoma is a kind of eye trouble caused by an increase of IOP (intra-ocular pressure) continually or continuously, which can damage the partial eye tissues and influence the vision. It is always accompanied with high myopia. Diet can be a good way to improve it. First, you'd better intake some diuretic food such as honey, watermelon, and towel guard that can help produce aqueous fluid in your eyes, which will help control the IOP. Second, you need to eat light food, that's to say, you should try to avoid eating salty and spicy food that can make you thirsty. Besides, food with high fat and high glucose should be cut. Third, you have to enforce the intake which is rich of crude fiber and vitamin A, B, Candy, such as, fresh vegetables and fruits. Peanuts, vegetable oil, and animal livers that are good for your liver and kidney should be on table. Finally, you'd better not eat too much or too fast, or it will not beneficial to stable your vessels nerves and endocrine system, which will not help recover.
  • Riley gary


    Glaucoma is a kind of common eye disease just like cataract. They can seriously affect people's vision and lead to blindness. However, the blindness from glaucoma cannot be cured and it may cause headache and eye ache. The reason of glaucoma lies in the eye pressure of people's eyeballs. If the eye pressure exceed to a certain amount, the pressure will oppress many eye nerves, influencing the vision of people. The methods of curing glaucoma are medicine and surgery. Patients should follow their doctor's advice of taking medicine. Any improper use of medicine may affect the treatment of glaucoma. You'd better consult your doctor or go to the hospital for proper treatment of glaucoma.
  • Sue


    Yes, glaucoma is a kind of serious disease. Glaucoma refers to intraocular pressure or intermittent or continuous rise in an eye disease. It can increase intraocular pressure which can be due to the difference of its etiology. It has a variety of different symptoms of persistent high intraocular pressure to eyeball organization and visual function which damages the parts. It can cause vision loss and narrow vision if not treated. Thus the vision can be lost entirely and even blindness which is one of the main diseases of blindness. The main inducing factors of glaucoma are the long-term adverse mental stimulation. Thus you need to keep the good mood which is the very good eye supplement. You should not have the grumpy depression anxiety panic. You should have the life diet and daily life rule, combining exertion and rest. The proper exercise will be good for you. You should always take notice of your sleep quality, light and nutritious diet. You need to drink more water, but every day not more than 1000 or 1200 ml.

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