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Does fibromyalgia cause eye floaters?

Is it possible to cause eye floaters because of fibromyalgia? If not, Why my eye floaters increases in recent days?
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  • Carlos


    Eye floaters can be caused by many problems, such as eye disease ( for example, fibromyalgia) , eye tumors, retinal tear, diabetic retinopathy, eye injury and so on. Most time, people ignore the eye floaters because it's not affect our daily life. But you should be care if the eye floaters increase in a short time, see your eye doctor right away to prevent it become worse.
  • Matthew harris


    Fibromyalgia is a painful and chronic illness, and it is possible to cause eye floaters because of fibromyalgia. Besides floaters, usually fibromyalgia patients often have vision problems including blurred vision and dry eyes though most eye floaters are caused by small flecks of a protein called collagen.
  • Jacqueline hall


    Well, floaters are basically little blobs of protein that float through the hollow sphere which is filled with a thick, gel like fluid known as the vitreous humor. And according to some researches, fibromyalgia can cause eye floaters. And for the symptoms, people with fibromyalgia have trouble falling asleep and they feel tired and unrefreshed. And in that way, it will just affect eyes, leading to dry eyes, red eyes, even eye floaters, eye bags.