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Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses?

I am wondering if I can use computer glasses for reading. If not, what are the difference between them?
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  • Saarah


    No, they are not the same. reading glasses are prescribed to correct near vision only and are usually needed for people over 40 who have presbyopia. The distance for computer glasses usually are positioned 20 to 26 inches from the user's eyes. This special distance is closer than driving ("distance") vision, but farther away than reading ("near") vision.
  • Erika


    No. They have different purposes. Reading glasses are used to magnify at near distance. People with presbyopia use reading glasses to help them focus on the near objects. While computer glasses are designed for the distance from the eye to the screen so that people can feel comfortable to view the computer screen. Wearing computer glasses while using a computer can prevent the CVS.