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Does estrogen affect eyesight?

Can estrogen affect eyesight? What's their effects on eyes?
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  • Vanessa edward


    Yes, of course. Estrogen is very important in human body. It can not only prevent calcium loss in bone and heart disease for postmenopausal women, according to the reliable reaserches, it can also benefit the eyes. We all know that cataract referring to the opacity of lens is age-related eye disease. Cataract is the leading cause to vision loss or impairment at the same time. It seems no connection with estrogen. But the study shows that women are at higher risk of getting cataract than men who are above 65. And as to women above 65, the ones who take supplement of estrogen are less likely to develop this disease. It is suggestive that estrogen could help keep transparency of lens. Meanwhile the risk increased sharply for women who got menopausal. Estrogen is vital for women, but excessive estrogen is harmful too. If you think you need to take estrogen supplement, you’d better consult a doctor for it.
  • ebernardino


    Yes, estrogen can affect your eyesight and different estrogen levels will have different effects. That is high and low levels of estrogen, may affect the eye differently. Specifically,the lack of estrogen after menopause affect vision and your eyesight can get worse. So, go to the doctor and get some suggestions for this.
  • b3a2b3y


    First of all, I want to tell you estrogen can affect your eye sight. As to women, we all know that estrogen will affect the amount of hormone, namely, if the decrease will result in the hormone deficiency. As a matter of the fact, as the time going and they are becoming older and older, there are more possibilities that this kind of women will get sight loss. Apart from the sight loss, the clouding of the lenses of the eyes will occurs with the older women who are estrogen deficiency. Meantime, the estrogen will indirectly impact vision by alternation of the blood light,blood clotting or vessel walls. Here there is another problem you should keep in mind, if you are a contacts wearer, the problems mentioned above will be more likely happen to you. All in all, you should take eye exam in some certain time so that you can discover when your eyes have problems. Thanks.
  • judith koehler


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