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What are Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses?

Can you tell me what are mirror tinted contact lenses?
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  • John clark


    Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses are one of many decorative contact lenses. They have a colored tint on the outside of the lens, which give an unusual glazed look. There are two colors of Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses: black and silver. They make your eyes appear silver with a reflective finish, thus you can see through the lenses but others cannot see your actual eyes. They are available with or without prescription. If you don't need vision correction, you can just choose plano mirror tinted contact lenses.
  • William clive


    Mirror tinted contact lenses remove the pupil definition leaving you with a flat silvery reflective futuristic look. If you have no idea how it looks, you can look Vin Diesel in the movie Pitch Black. Mirror tinted contact lenses usually used for special effects. They used in films, plays for a dramatic effect. Besides, the mirror lenses can also protect the eyes from sun and harmful UV rays.