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Can I have my motorcycle goggles made in prescription lenses?

i need a pair of motorcycle goggles but I also wear glasses for vision correction. Can I have my motorcycle goggles made in prescription lenses?
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  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    Sure. Prescription motorcycle goggles are available in most optical stores. You can just go to your local optical stores to have an eye exam first to get your prescription. Then you can try on a few pairs of motorcycle goggles to to find one that can suit you best. Then the optician will ask the lab technician to make prescription lenses into the goggles you choose. If you find the prescription motorcycle goggles are too expensive at your optician's, you can order them online with your prescription.
  • Ariana


    Yes, you can order prescription motorcycle goggles that are special made for people with poor vision but like ride motorcycle. And prescription motorcycle goggles are worn not only for vision aids, but also for eye protection. For example, with it, they can protect the eyes from dirt, dust insects and other debris in the air. What's more, The goggles also shield the eyes from UV rays and glares in Sunny day.

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