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Jade james


How to tell if louis vuitton sunglasses are authentic?

I want to buy a pair of louis vuitton sunglasses. But i don't know hoe to tell is they are authentic. Is there anyone can tell me how to judge a pair of authentic louis vuitton sunglasses?
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  • Rachel kim


    Hi I've been looking around for some high quality Louis vuitton sunglasses for our coming summer, and found that this shop is running a big promotion, see: _a href=""_Cheap Louis Vuitton sunglasses_/a_ Got myself a nice pair at a really good price. Free P P too which makes it even better.
  • walkthru


    Yeah, I think no one wants to get the fake LV glasses with much money. In fact, there are so many ways to tell if the Louis Vuitton sunglasses are genuine. The easiest way is that you can get the answer from the money you spend, because we know a pair of authentic LV sunglasses will cost you thousands dollars. Then you can look on the inside of the earpiece and see where it's made; if it's made in France then there good. Besides, pls check the lettering, such as the brand name and signature, on the inside of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses, if the Louis Vuitton sunglasses are authentic, the lettering are centered, even if the stamped lettering, logo and signatures. Meanwhile, you can cheak their authenticity by the frame of the sunglasses, because when you open and close the sunglasses, you can feel that they are really flexible.
  • ebarnes1621


    To get authentic Louis Vuitton sunglasses, you'd better buy it from exclusive Louis Vuitton shop. And when you choose it, you shall look inside of the earpiece. If there are signs that it's made in France, the sunglasses are good. Is there are any little LV monograms and they somehow cut once, it is possible that they are not real.
  • DEREK Garrana


    First of all, you should see the brand of the sunglasses which is usually printed at the glasses legs. Then, you should observe the manual work of the sunglasses. If it is real, it must be delicate, with no flaw. Next, you could also go to the franchise store to ask the ship assistant whose eyes are so sharp to see whether it is real or not.
  • Ryan evelyn


    It's actually kind of hard to tell the difference. Because although the fakes have the LV on the sides. I suggest that you can look on the inside of the earpiece and see where it's made if it's made in France and then they are god. Also if there's any little LV monograms and they somehow cut once then they are not real. And still if you're not sure, just go the LV store and ask them they should be able to tell you the truth.

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