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Are glasses a turn off for guys?

How do you guys think of girls with glasses. Will you turn off for girls who wear eyeglasses?
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  • EDWIN Caster


    Personally, I like people with glasses, because I think they're knowledgeable and quiet. However, if the one with glasses isn't confident, he or she can't be handsome. So, if you were a person with glasses. You'd better believe you are pretty for us to believe. If you really want to get rid of glasses, contact lenses may be helpful. But some people may look better when they wear glasses.
  • Ariana kirk


    Not absolutely. In my opinion, glasses are not the key factor to judge a girl good or not. If some girl is very pretty and she wear a fit pair of glasses, she will be very beautiful and attractive, and people may even not notice her glasses at all. While if some girl is not good-looking at all, she is not likely to be attractive even with good glasses, so glasses are just not the key!
  • Bettery


    I am a girl and I think it looks cute on a guy when they wear glasses, Change the frame of you glasses usually if possible, which will make you more attractive.