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Savannah percy


Why does dwyane wade wear goggles?

It seems that dwyane wade like to wear goggles. Does he wear it to protect his eyes?
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  • Faith fergus


    He wears goggles to protect himself for sure, it's pretty dangerous to play basketball as a professional player. And I heard about that he has near sightedness. He can't wear glasses, and contact lenses can be a little bit dangerous to him, so he choose to wear goggles with prescription. The funny thing is that the goggles wearing behavior makes him more special. It can be called a win-win situation.
  • ebernardino


    Hello, Dwyane Wade is a famous NBA basketball player and he likes to wear goggles sometimes.It's said that he wears goggles for several reasons. Some say that he wears colored goggles, so he is for fashion. While some other say he sometimes wear migraine goggles, and NBA even bans Dwyane Wade's migraine goggles. So some people also said he was planning on wearing tinted goggled to help reduce the light hitting his eyes, while the league rejected the tinted goggles too, which is really funny. So you may be right, protecting the eyes can be one of his intends and go find more about that.

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