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Kelly gary


What Does Smoking Do to Your Eyes ?

I am a heavy smoker. My parents and friends always ask me to give up smoking. I have yellow eyes. They said it has some relation with smokes. Really? What does smoking do to my eyes?
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  • Nathan harris


    Smoking will do something bad to our eyes. The smokes will tint the white of our eyes into yellow. But the yellow will disappear slowly if you quit smoking. Smoking tobacco or being exposed to tobacco smoke may increase the risk of developing many kinds of eye disorders or diseases, and it can cause damage to our health too.


    The smoking can have significant effects on our eyes and vision. Smoking may lead to irritated eye. Smoking may lead to chronic redness of our eyes. You may at the higher risk of suffering from macular degeneration than those who do not smoke. And Smoking may increase the risk of developing cataracts. So I suggest you to give up smoking. It will help with your yellow eyes. But I still think that you should have your eyes checked by an eye doctor. Yellow eyes can be caused by infections on our liver too. If there is some infection on your liver, you can cure it timely.

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