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What Are Hazel Eyes Genetics ?

If I have hazel eyes, my wife has blue eye, what the eye color of our baby?
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  • Riley eddy


    Hazel eyes are beautiful. The eye color is controlled by the gene. Such as blue eyes, blue eyes are determined by a single gene. If blue eyes are caused by dominant gene, its allele is recessive gene: non-blue eyes (green, brown, or hazel), the parents may have blue eyed child or child of other eye colors.
  • Nathan harris


    If the blue eye gene is the dominant gene and the hazel eye gene is the recessive gene. You have double recessive hazel eye gene. Your wife may have one blue eye gene and one hazel eye gene or two blue eye gene. If she is in the former circumstances, you may have the half chance to get a blue eyed child or a hazel eyed child. If she is in the later circumstances, you can have a blue eyed child.