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What is the treatment for vitreous detachment?

Have you heard of vitreous detachment? Is it serious? What is the best treatment?
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  • Chris L.


    Well, generally speaking, it is dangerous to have vitreous detachment. and there are many factors which can lead to it. for example, stress can lead to vitreous detachment. according to some researches, as we age, the vitreous will become increasingly liquid causing a strain on the connective tissue and fibers. in that way, vitreous detachment may occur. also, the stress to the eyes such as excessive computer use can cause it. to treat it, you may need surgery, so you should go and see the eye doctor. he can give the eye exam, and then give some advices.
  • b2jb


    Yes, I have heard of vitreous detachment. It is a condition of the vitreous humor separating from the retina in the eye. It is a natural change that occurs in the eye because as we get older, the vitreous gel which consists mainly of water and collagen and has a stiff, jelly-like consistency changes its shape and begins to move. When it occurs, there is a characteristic pattern of symptoms such as flash of light, a sudden dramatic increase in the number of floaters and a ring of floaters or hairs to the temporal side of the central vision. There is no need to receive a therapy in the case because it will heal on its own.
  • Andrew


    Yes, I have heard of the vitreous detachment which could be happened often among people with high prescription and old people. It is such a serious problem. After vitreous from onset suddenly, patients' main symptoms are floaters and flashing lights. Sometimes you can see there are black ring. The doctor inspection can be found before optic disk and Weiss ring for senile. The vitreous degeneration cause is important to note. When you see black shadow flap and flashing lights, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible and have a full check on the eyes. Usually the surgery is such a safe and effective way to treat your vitreous detachment. You must cure it as soon as possible. Or else, you may risk the high possibility of getting blind.

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