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I'm 13 years old & i been wearing glasses for a long time.

Im 13 years old & i been wearing glasses for a long time & i have bags under my eyes how do i get rid of them? Please tell me , cause I look very ugly and people judge me
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  • Jessica Stevenson


    If you've been wearing glasses for forever, then I suggest that you stop wearing them and only wear them when you really need to, such as in class or when reading a book or when you're on the computer. If you wear them everywhere but you really don't need them and you can see as much as you really need to, then dont where them during that time. Also, cucumbers are proven to reduce puffiness and refresh your eyes. Slice two slices and place them on each eye for about 10-15 minutes. It feels great, too!
  • Allison walker


    Christ that's awful, I remember those days....just ignore them for now, if you can, and try to get as much sleep as possible. I found that I had more pronounced bags when I was your age but around 16 because my face grew my skin sort of stretched and looks more natural now.