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Andrea warren


Should I get cycling Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses or not?

I'm thinking about getting cycling sunglasses but I am not sure whether i should get interchangeable lenses or not. The different sets of lenses are for different conditions. But swapping lenses in and out might be a hassle to me. What's your opinion about it?
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  • eagle_tester_3


    Yes, you can get cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses to use it in different conditions. I have saw a pair at It is showed us: The sunglasses provide several colors of lenses to different use. In detail: Clear lenses. Night riding, overcast skies, protection from wind, insects Rose. Overcast terrain enhancement, medium light conditions. Excellent for golfing, skiing. Brown. Sunny skies, terrain enhancement. Excellent for skiing. Grey. Very sunny, all purpose, least amount of color distortion, multi-sport Blue Multi-Coat. Sunny, bright days. Reflects glare away from the eye, terrain enhancement
  • Lisa


    In my opinion, you'd better get cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, thus you can wear them in different conditions by using different lenses. When you go cycling, you may experience some different condition or weather, so cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses can meet your different needs. For example, you may go cycling on sunny days or in low light condition and even at night if you have to cycle for a long period time.

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