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What are good sports sunglasses for big heads?

I have a big head and can hardly find a pair of sports sunglasses suitable for me. What are good sports sunglasses for big heads?
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  • Cameron


    If you want to get suitable sunglasses for sports, you shall first make sure what kind of sports sunglasses you want. Or what sports you like .There are many sports sunglasses are designed for a certain sports to shield eyes. For example, there are cycling sunglasses, basketball sunglasses, baseball sunglasses as well as swim goggles. So, you shall choose it according your usages. For example, if you need basketball sunglasses, you can buy a big sized basketball sunglasses for your big heads.
  • Johnny W.


    Generally speaking, sports sunglasses are all suitable for male wearers no matter how big your head is which can not only modify the size of your head but also endow yourself with a spirit of sportsmanship. Specifically speaking, it is recommended that you choose some sports sunglasses in dark color so that they will make you less conspicuous of your troublesome problem. Moreover, such kind of sports sunglasses is quite fashionable in summer. You won't miss them.