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Why do my contact lenses feel weird ?

I bought a pair of contact lenses. But i feel weird when i wear it. Why?
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  • Kevin percy


    Ok, from what you said, I can see there is something wrong with your eyes. Ok, there might be some causes of your feeling. Maybe you have chosen the wrong type of contacts, I mean the diopters is not for you. Or there are some infections on your eyes, which could make you feel uncomfortable. Also, if you havent got contact lenses before, there might be some weird reactions which are quite normal, that would be only a matter of time before you are fully adapted to them.
  • Erika


    There are lots of reason may cause the discomfort of your eyes. The contact lenses may not be suitable for you, then you need to ask the doctor for help you find the right one. Another reason for the discomfort may be that you wear it in a wrong way, or you just simply not familiar with the wearing procedure. In this case, you need to calm down, then wear lenses carefully, few times later, you may not feel weird anymore. What's more, you need to keep your contact lenses and your hands clean.
  • Mark Burns


    There have many reasons for the weird feeling. The first time when I am wearing contact lenses, I also feel weird all the same. The foreign body sensation will make you feel unease. Suddenly, something cover on the surface of eyeball, the eyeball could not get used to it at first. The eyeball has most sensitive feeling among all the organs. Usually, it will take 5 to 7 days to get the habit of contacts wearing. The first day you would better wear contacts less than two hours, and the second day less than 4 hours, then gradually increasing the periods of wearing. One week after that, you will find it is normal to wear contact lenses. But remember please do not wear it more than 8 hours per day finally. If you still find it is hard to adapt such staff, then you can check if you wear it in the opposite side or there has something wrong with your eyes. You may go to doctor for sure!