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Kaylee peters


How to treat dry eyes after blepharoplasty?

I get dry eyes after a blepharoplasty. Is there any way that can release my dry eyes? Please help.
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    OK, it seems that your eyes have got some problem. So, it is true that blepharoplasty surgery could make your eyes appear to be more awesome. However, there are inevitably some side effects on your eyes, such as painful eyes, watery eyes, or dry eyes, even some infections. Anyway, salty food, alcohol, cigarettes should be banned. And you should not expose your eyes to sunshine. Also, try to get some medicine from the doctor as instructed.
  • Sean


    Your dry eyes after the blepharoplasty should be temporary. You could use some warm compress to release the dryness. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. In addition, you could also drink suitable amount of water to make your eyes feel comfortable. You’d better have the good rest for the eyes, not spending a lot of time in front of the computers and tv.
  • Faith fergus


    Dry eyes seem to be a very common side effect of blepharoplasty. Because tear film is produced by glands which are hiding in eyelids. Blepharoplasty need to remove some tissue of eyelids through internal or external incisions on eyelids, so it usually exacerbates the eye dryness problem. Because of dryness, it might be itching, red and the vision might be blurred. The eyelids are stiff and swelling after the surgery, you need to protect them careful. Apply the ointment to lubricate the wounds and eyes, preventing infections. You should keep your head higher than body in sleeping because it could accelerate your healing process. Avoid staring at any glare or strong light or sunrays in case more damages occurred to your eyes. To release dryness, you could instill some artificial tear drops or apply some ointment which can lubricate eyes. If possible, you could try some warm compress over eyes. The warmth could help warm up the oil in glands to that it could flow and lubricate eyes more easily. Take some nutrition rich in omega-3 fatty acid everyday could effectively alleviate dryness. Use humidifier to bring more water and moist into air which could help relieve eye dryness too.