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Do women like men who wear glasses?

I just want to know if women accept men with glasses? Do you think they are gentle and handsome?
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  • walkingbassline


    It depends, different people have different opinions over things. Personally speaking, I like the guys with glasses, my boyfriend wears glasses. And I am always attracted by those guys with glasses. I find they are knowledgeable and gentle. If you are a man with glasses, you need to stop asking this type of question right now, because the question make me feel you are not confident. Just remember that the girls love the guys with confidence.
  • carolmck


    Ok, I can see that you are worried about the negative impacts that the glasses might bring to you. However, I think it is only a matter of personal taste, because sometimes a lot of girls would find men with glasses more erudite or man, and mature. However, some other girls believe men with glasses like a nerd. It depends on different people. However, I think men with glasses seem to be cool and calm, knowledgable. But what matters most is what he has got.
  • Caleb


    Hello, your question is quite interesting, but I want to say that it really depends on individual. Some men with glasses may be gentle and even more handsome, but others may be not. And some women may like men with glasses, some others may be not. So just depends on individual. You can check out yours.
  • LUCY


    I have known some very attractive glasses wearers. I was out with one guy and I asked him why he didn't try contacts and he told me that he wanted to look cuter for women. He was probably right. I like them.