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Gabriella rodney


Can you buy contact lenses on amazon?

Is there anyone who has experiences of buying contact lenses on amazon? Are they good?
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  • Cameron


    One of my friends always buys contact lenses on line, not amazon, but some professional online glasses grocers. Professional glasses web will provide what you really want, they would offer you the right degree and suitable sizes, and they would exchange it if the lenses are not suitable for you. By the way, many glasses manufactures are landed on amazon, so you choose one from amazon too. My suggestion for you is that visit the profession glasses web, they are specialized at this field, after all.
  • hall


    Ok, it seems that you want to know whether Amazon is a great place to look for contact lenses. As far as I know, it is one of the most notable online stores in the world where there are lots of options and good prices exist. Anyway, a lot of my friends choose it and rely on its goods and serivce. Anyway, you could get an awful lot of options on it. Where is a link for you to look up

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