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Do guys like hazel eyes on girls?

Do you guys think girls with hazel eyes charming? What's your opinion on girls with hazel eyes?
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  • Kevin lee


    Some guys like the people with hazel eyes which will make the girls look charming and attractive. The hazel eyes will make eyes look a little bigger from the visual side. People with hazel eyes could also do the makeup at the eyes to show the beautiful look. If you do the good match up with the clothing, your eyes will look so perfect.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    Different people hold different ideas over the same things. Personally speaking, I think people with hazel eyes are mysterious and charming. They always look like leaner, it seems they are thinking about something deeply. So all of these make me feel they are some mysterious people. However, a judge person from appearance is really not a good idea. A person can be charming all because of the confidence he or she expressed. So you should be confident no matter what eye color you have. But if you want to try the other eye colors, you should try on some colorful cosmetic contact lenses.
  • walkbyfth


    Ok, it seems that you are not quite confident of the color of eyes you have. Anyway, you should know that people hold different views on the question, and indeed some people do like those hazel eyes, including me, for they are not mysterious and charming, femenine, etc. Anyway, if you just want to change, maybe you could try some circled contact lenses to help. They are quite effective and magic, though there might be some side effects .