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John C.


Can contact lenses cause droopy eyelid?

I got droopy eyelids. One of my friends tell me that it may be caused by wearing too much contact lenses. Is that true? Can wearing contact lenses causes droopy eyelids?
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  • clairegriffon


    I think the answer from me should is that wearing contact lenses will not cause droopy eyelids unless you wear them for a long long time, like a hundred years. But some people also said that the use of lenses can cause droopy eyelids, and some hospital can provide the treatment, think about it too.
  • Jonathan


    If you wear contact lenses for a long term, it is likely to get droopy eyelids. But a droopy eyelid is caused mostly by the normal aging process and the result of an injury or disease such as diabetes, stroke, brain tumor, Horner syndrome or other cancers that can affect the function of nerve or muscle. Droopy eyelid appears due to the weak muscle that raises the eyelid or the damage to the nerves. I suggest you go to see a doctor and do a physical examination to find out the cause.
  • Christian


    Ok, I can see you are worried about your eye problem, which gave you a lot of inconvenience. So, as you can see droopy eyelids could be resulted from a lot of causes, maybe they are inborn, maybe they could be given by aging. So, generally speaking, wearing contact lenses would not lead to droopy eyelids. However, since contact lenses have lots of side effects, you should wear less of them. I recommend that you try to consult a doctor and take consequent measures.
  • Wendi Hudson


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