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How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost With Insurance?

I want to have cataract. I have medicare insurance. Can you tell me how much does cataract surgery cost with insurance?
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  • Rebecca


    The basic cataract procedure will range in price but often will be approximately $600 per eye. Insurance such as Medicare will usually cover the basic cost of cataract surgery and elective add-ons are paid out-of-pocket.
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  • Jordan owen


    Dear friend, we know that the cost of cataract surgery may vary from case to case. If a person has different types of procedure during the cataract surgery, the cost is different from another cataract surgery. If you have the intraocular lens implanted in your eye, the cost may be much higher than that don't need the intraocular lens. Fortunately, some kind of health insurance such as Medicare will cover a part of the costs. But some Medicare and insurance providers consider some kind of implantation as medically unnecessary.
  • Mackenzie rose


    The cost of a cataract surgery also depends on the area where you live. The cost often depends on the cost-of-living standards in the area. Hospital will set the typical price of cataract surgery according to the living standard. In the United States, the average costs about a cataract surgery were about $3,700 in 2012. If you want to a high tech implantation, the costs will increase. But with insurance the costs will be a few hundred less than the total number but it totally depend on with kind of insurance you have. So I suggest you to ask the insurance provider before applying cataract surgery.