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John clark


What does light transmission mean on sunglasses?

What are the light transmission in sunglasses? How can i judge whether they are good light transmission or not?
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  • cant_let_him_go


    The light transmission of the sunglasses means the filtering ability of the sunglasses. As we know, the sunglasses will help our eyes from the uv rays and other bad lights. The coating part of the sunglasses will do this role. When you wear the sunglasses under the strong lights to see things outside, you could see clearly with no blurry symptom. That is the good light transmission.
  • Christina


    It is very important to choose correct and good sunglasses. Strong sunrays could damage our skin as well as eyes. Sunlight contains UV rays, some of them are visible while others are invisible. The shortest wavelengths are the most dangerous, which is called UVB. The longest wavelengths are less harmful, which is called UVA. Cornea in eyes absorb UV rays, and the lens could be damaged. We can't see the light transmission in sunglasses, which is invisible to us. What we can do is to read the introduction or stamps of the sunglasses. You can find some words like, 100% UV prevention, UV400 and etc. The color of sunglasses lens also means something other than style and fashion. Brown colored lens are very good at preventing 100% UV rays. The tender color reduces glare, makes eyes feel comfortable and not so easy to get fatigue. Gray is a good and popular choice. It could prevent 100% of ultra-red rays and most of the ultraviolet rays. It perceives colors more naturally.

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