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Isabel fergus


Can high blood sugar cause double vision?

I heard that high blood sugar cause double vision. Is that true? Is there any good way to stop it?
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  • Cassidy bell


    Yes, it is true. High blood sugar can affect vision. Actually there are many symptoms you will have due to high blood sugar. This disease is commonly called hyperglycemia. The body stops producing insulin which led to increased glucose in the body. Without insulin, we can't use the glucose in body as fuel for our living, which resulted in hyperglycemia. It could develop several uncomfortable symptoms gradually, for example dryness of Mouth, increased urinator, feeling thirst, weight loss and high blood pressure. It can impact the vision through impact to the vessels in eyes. Because of high blood pressure, you will also have the headache and faint feelings. The earlier treatment taken, the better it should be. Hope you could get well soon.
  • Angelica christian


    Well, yes, high blood sugar can lead to double vision in some degree. As we know that high blood sugar is a medical condition which is referred as hyperglycemia. And you should also know that it occurs when you have abnormally high levels of sugar within your blood. According to some experts, high blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels and cause changes in vision to develop in certain people. And then it can cause blurred or double vision. Also, changes in your vision can lead to additional symptoms, such as dizziness, lightheadedness or headache. By the way, there are also a variety of symptoms, such as excess food consumption, stress, infection, diabetes. Anyway, you should control your sugar intake, and also just console the doctor. He can tell you what to do.
  • Ana clive


    Yes, it is true that the high blood sugar will cause the double vision because of the high blood pressure inner the body. You should better not eat the food with high sugar any more. You should adjust to the good and healthy habit of life. In addition, you'd better not drink or smoke and keep the good mood every day.

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