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Why do i see stars when i turn my head?

I can see stars in front of me when i turn my head. What caused it?
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  • catherinecraven


    When you turn your head, the nerves will be stimulated. And your eye pressure will get irritated too. The eye nerves will cause the blurry vision for your eyes. That is why you see stars in front of you. You could calm down and then you will find that the symptom will be released. You should not turn your head strongly which may cause the damage of the normal work of the eyes.
  • Cathy


    Actually from your said, I can only tell you have lightheaded. Lightheaded is one of the symptoms from various disorders or conditions. I have lightheaded too, because I have anemia. It makes me dizzy and very easy to get tired. Sometimes you have the spin. It is said that improper of human nervous system to be blamed. There are many possibilities for this lightheaded problem. High blood pressure is the leading cause. Other possibilities include pregnancy, depression, heart problems, orthostatic hypertension and vertigo. Conditions that cause altering state of mind might give you this feeling too, such as low blood sugar levels, heart attacks, vomiting and etc. There are some other symptoms associated with lightheadedness, for example nausea, fatigue, headache, fainting, confused state of mind and so on.