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Jade scott


How much are blue contact lenses? where to buy?

I think girls wearing blue contact lenses look good. I want to have a try. Where can i buy blue contact lenses and how much are them? Any recommendation?
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  • Denise


    As far as I am concerned, blue contacts are really cool, but there are always side effects. Since you insist on trying them on, I should give you some suggestions. As to the price, that ranges from 50 to 300 dollars, based on the quality and duration, as well as design. Where to buy? A lot of options for you, Ebay, Amazon vison section, and visionworks, etc. One more thing, when buying them, be alert over the quality and production date.
  • caffienefeen


    Just search blue contact lenses, you can find many online shops provide contact lenses. But their prices are different from each shop and each type of contact lenses. Here are some sites you can check yourself:
  • Richard Schneider


    Yeah, the blue contact lenses look good which may make your eyes look good. In addition, the colored contact lenses will make your eyes look big. You can go to the online store to buy one. The cheapest price online may be as low as $10. However, you'd better buy the one with at least $30. You could go to the amazon to have a look.