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How much do red contact lenses cost?

Do you think red contacts are very cool? I want to buy red contact lenses. Can you guys recommend som really good places to buy red contact lenses?
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  • charlene1o2


    Speaking of red contact lenses, personally I find them somehow weird at any rate. But objectively speaking, they are quite popular at this time. So, my advice for you would be that you should visit some large glasses market, such as Walmart vision center, MaxMart, Ebay, etc. All of them are nice places full of different types of contacts at low prices. Hope you get what you want there.
  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    Yes. It is cool. But it is really horrible sometimes. Anyway, i just search them online and find there is a online shop who provide red contact lenses varying in different designs. And most of them prices less than 20 pound per pair. I wish you can find a pair you want. Here is the websites:
  • gwynnie


    The colored contact lenses will make your eyes look shining and big. And the red contact lenses are really cool. You could go to the online stores to buy one because the price there is suitable. I strongly suggest you to go to the walmart to buy because it is such a good place to buy the contact lenses. Or you could go to the visionwork or amazon to have a search.
  • Steve


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