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William clive


How to get rid of corneal haze ?

I suffer corneal haze, can you tell me how to get rid of it.
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  • Guava


    Well, first, you should know that corneal haze could be from uveitis, infection, glaucoma etc. and generally speaking, if it is due to uveitis, you can just have steroid medications, which will be prescribed if inflammation is still present. And in that way, it may help to reduce the corneal haze. On the other hand, If it's due to infectious keratitis, I will suggest you using suitable anti-biotic drops. If corneal haze is of long duration then it may not go by medications alone. And you need to go and see a cornea specialist. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • cabanaboy01


    Cornea is normally clear so that light can travel through and focus on the retina. If the cornea becomes opaque or cloudy, corneal haze is resulted. It is usually caused by cell inflammation or debris from trauma, infection or surgery of eyes. You want to get rid of it, then you have to find out what caused it. It is usually resulted from aggressive wound of cornea after intraocular surgery. Many people complained about corneal haze after Lasik or PRK surgery. It will persist until the wound healed up. The doctor can prescribe some medication or eye drops to help speed up the recovery. Normally some steroid medication could help. Normally corneal haze will clear out as the wound recovered. If it is caused by infection, you should take medication which could help control the infection. If it is a very severe case, then surgery might be required.

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