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Can liver problems cause puffy eyes?

Can liver problems cause puffy eyes? If so, What type of liver problem can cause puffy eyes?
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  • Melissa


    Yes, liver problems could cause puffy eyes. There are many symptoms which could be caused by liver problems, yet there might be many reasons for eyes puffiness. Age could cause puffy eyes too, as the skin getting thinner and the skin is less elastic. If the puffiness is only apparent in the morning when you just get up, then relax, you are just witnessing how we sleep. Most of us have puffy eyes in the morning. If it is only a one day symptoms, you might drink too much water last night, yet if the puffy eyes that don't get less as the days go on could be sign that you body is fluid, which could be a symptom of serious kidney, heart or liver disease. A bad reaction to a new medication can also cause puffy eyes. It is hard to tell what exact problem causing your puffy eyes. I suggest that you'd better have a detailed check especially if you also prone to puffy hands or ankles. Avoid drinking alcohol in the evening especially you suspect your liver to be compromised. Hope you could get well soon.
  • Aaron may


    Well, yes, liver problem can cause puffy eyes. First, you should know that eye puffiness is a type of fluid build-up, which is also known as dropsy in the tissues around your eyes. When you have chronic liver problem, it is possible for you to have expanded or swollen lips. And that is an indicator of the puffy eyes. And you also should know that when you have liver problems, it will also lead to many other diseases, such as a yellowing of the feet which is a sign of the accumulation of gallstones in the liver and gallbladder. So just go and see a doctor when you have liver problem.

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