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Are disposable contacts reusable?

Can i reuse my disposable contacts? Is it bad for my eyes?
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  • Katie


    Hello, there are mostly two kinds of disposable contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses and monthly contact lenses. For daily contact lenses, they are meant for daily wear and they should be removed everyday, so they can not be reused and they can be bad for your eyes. While for monthly disposable contact lenese, you are supposed to wear them and change them after one month. So you can reuse them within the month.
  • colddaz


    No, the disposable contacts are not used again which will be bad for your eyes. You'd better not use them any more. The contact lenses are the products which could be used directly on the surface of the eyeballs. You should take notice of the hygiene. You'd better strict to the regulations of using time of each type of the contact lenses. About the week contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, half a year contact lenses and yearly contact lenses, you should use within the expired time. In addition, you should clean the contact lenses often in the solution which will get rid of the bacterium for you. At the same time, you should use some eye drops to moisture the eyes. In a word, you should use the contact lenses in the proper way.
  • eeniemeenie005


    From the name of disposable contacts, you can find it means the contacts just only by its name. It only would use for once. This kind of contacts no matching care solution, it could not strong to use again for the second time. The material will get degeneration two days later and the lenses will not so transparent as before, the degree of comfortable will be decrease at all. The qualities of disposable contacts actually are not good as annual ones. The differences of supporting ability are also the same with the other attribution to the two kinds of contacts. Long time using will cause transformation of the contacts quality of disposable ones. So if the condition allows you to change it in the second day, I suggest you would better follow the rules to change new ones. Pay attention to wearing your own contacts in certain periods. Help yourself with the health with eyes; it is really important for the quality of life.

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