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Which online stores can I get my first pair of glasses for free?

I have heard that some online stores are giving away free glasses for first pair. But I don't know which store. Please help.
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  • Jessica Stevenson


    That's must I have got a pair of free glasses when i first time to buy prescription eyeglasses from them. I still remember it is four months ago, i search some cheap prescription eyeglasses online in Google and went to I find the eyeglasses frames at firmoo are nice and cheap. So i decided to get a pair from them. When i search fashion glasses, i went to a page that listed many nice glasses and with a signs " All glasses on this page are free for new buyers" Then, i contact their worker, and finally i got one free glasses. I really appreciate it.
  • walkingalone121


    You can get your first pair of eyeglasses for free from if you are new glasses buyers to them. I ordered a pair of eyeglasses for free from Coastal when they give away free glasses. I asked them to make my lenses thinner and add some coatings to the lenses, so I paid a little extra for them. But before you get free eye glasses from them, you should provide prescription including your PD. When I recieved them, I was very pleased with them because the quality of the lenses is good. I've heard Firmoo also give away free glasses. You can compare them. Good luck!

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