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Do computer reading glasses help relieve eye strain when reading a book?

I've been suffering eye strain when reading for a long time lately. Can I use my computer glasses when reading to relieve eye strain?
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  • Hunter jackson


    It is hard to say. If you have vision problems, wearing prescription computer glasses can help you read easily and clearly. So, it may help to relieve your eyes from tired. But if you have perfect vision, i don't think wearing computer eyeglasses will do any help. In fact, computer glasses are made for people to shield eyes from harsh light from computer screen so as to release eye strains. They may not help you relieve eye strain when reading book.
  • Danielle lewis


    Computer reading glasses are also called computer glasses, which are often specially designed for computer work. Non prescription computer eyeglasses help people with perfect vision who need to sit in front of a computer for a long time to relieve from eye strain. While prescription computer eye glasses help people with vision problems to see the computer screen comfortably without suffering the symptoms of CVS. However, if you get eye strain when reading a book, you should get reading glasses which are different from computer reading glasses to help you see better. computer glasses won't work while reading a book.
  • Colleen


    Not exactly. Computer reading glasses are mainly designed for computer users whose visual distance is much farther than reading a book. That said, eye strain is not necessarily alleviated by wearing computer reading glasses.